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Slang Quiz: Insulting 1

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. airhead

If you call someone an airhead, they'll probably feel
  1. pleased
  2. insulted
  3. amused
more about this slang term: airhead

2. arsehole | asshole

Someone who's called an arsehole by his workmates will probably be
  1. a pretty unpopular person
  2. a very friendly person
  3. a highly respected person
more about this slang term: arsehole | asshole

3. ass-kisser

Which of these statements would be said by an ass-kisser to his boss if he's trying to get a promotion?
  1. "I really think I've earned this promotion."
  2. "I promise I'll work much harder in future."
  3. "This is the best-run company I've ever worked for."
more about this slang term: ass-kisser

4. fruitcake

If you call someone a fruitcake, it's because you think they are
  1. strange
  2. overweight
  3. delicious
more about this slang term: fruitcake

5. hick

Jimmy sounds like a typical hick from
  1. a backwoods farming community
  2. a black neighbourhood in a big city
  3. a wealthy, exclusive suburb
more about this slang term: hick

6. jerk

If someone is a jerk, they'll probably be
  1. very funny
  2. really hard-working
  3. pretty unpopular
more about this slang term: jerk

7. loudmouth

People often called Tom a loudmouth because he
  1. sang in a loud voice
  2. talked too much
  3. had a deep voice
more about this slang term: loudmouth

8. pig (1)

Someone who's often called a pig will probably be
  1. very nice
  2. very unpopular
  3. very smelly
more about this slang term: pig (1)

9. smart-arse

Someone who's often called a smart-arse probably thinks they are
  1. really sexy
  2. really clever
  3. really tough
more about this slang term: smart-arse

10. weirdo

The girl in the grocery store said a weirdo had just been into her shop. The guy was wearing
  1. a suit and tie
  2. a miniskirt and roller skates
  3. shorts and a T-shirt
more about this slang term: weirdo

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