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Slang Quiz: Insulting 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. bastard

Many people called him a bastard after he
  1. gave a lot of money to help sick children
  2. helped to run a money-raising event for sick children
  3. stole money that was raised to help sick children
more about this slang term: bastard

2. deadbeat

Her mum says Jenny's new boyfriend is a deadbeat and he's
  1. too good for Jenny
  2. too much for Jenny
  3. not good enough for Jenny
more about this slang term: deadbeat

3. dweeb

The kids call Mark a dweeb because he's
  1. clever but he doesn't say much
  2. stupid and aggressive
  3. good-looking and smart
more about this slang term: dweeb

4. gasbag

People call me a gasbag because I
  1. have a lot of gas
  2. like to talk
  3. am quite overweight
more about this slang term: gasbag

5. honky

A person in America who's called a honky will usually be
  1. a black person
  2. an Asian person
  3. a white person
more about this slang term: honky

6. louse

People called Philip a louse because he
  1. helped people
  2. cheated people
  3. cured people
more about this slang term: louse

7. old bat

People who are called "old bats" are usually
  1. old men
  2. old women
  3. old men or old women
more about this slang term: old bat

8. prat

Brad was acting like a real prat, so his girlfriend
  1. told him to stop it
  2. felt really proud of him
  3. smiled and said he was wonderful
more about this slang term: prat

9. tool (1)

Jim's such a tool. He's
  1. a good builder
  2. a funny guy
  3. a complete idiot
more about this slang term: tool (1)

10. wimp

His friends called Terry a wimp because he wouldn't
  1. eat pizza with them
  2. get drunk with them
  3. play computer games with them
more about this slang term: wimp

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