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Slang Quiz: Insulting 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. bimbo

Bimbos can be seen in large numbers
  1. roaming the African grasslands
  2. swimming near the Arctic Circle
  3. flocking to Parisian boutiques
more about this slang term: bimbo

2. dickhead

If someone's often called a dickhead, they probably aren't very
  1. tall
  2. handsome
  3. popular
more about this slang term: dickhead

3. flake

Lizzie said Chrissie was a flake because she
  1. didn't turn up at the party
  2. didn't pay her share of the bill
  3. didn't want to join in the fun
more about this slang term: flake

4. geezer

We had to tell our children it wasn't nice to use the word geezer when talking about their
  1. cousins
  2. grandparents
  3. nephews and nieces
more about this slang term: geezer

5. klutz

A klutz is someone who is
  1. very mean
  2. very clumsy
  3. very poor
more about this slang term: klutz

6. meathead

Someone could be called a meathead if they
  1. do something stupid
  2. eat a lot of meat
  3. are very stubborn
more about this slang term: meathead

7. psycho

People will think someone is psycho if they
  1. behave strangely
  2. study psychology
  3. learn English
more about this slang term: psycho

8. rat

Someone who's often called a rat is probably
  1. very unpopular
  2. really friendly
  3. highly respected
more about this slang term: rat

9. twerp | twirp

You might call someone a twerp if you
  1. don't mind them
  2. don't respect them
  3. don't trust them
more about this slang term: twerp | twirp

10. yahoo (2)

We were on the train when a few yahoos started
  1. reading newspapers
  2. saying prayers
  3. shouting and fighting
more about this slang term: yahoo (2)

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