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Slang Quiz: Insulting 5

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. dag

If someone is often called a dag, they are probably
  1. an unfashionable Australian
  2. a bad-tempered American
  3. a dirty Englishman
more about this slang term: dag

2. dork

A young person who is called a dork is probably
  1. good at sports
  2. not good at relating to people
  3. clever at maths and science
more about this slang term: dork

3. freak

Joe said he saw all these freaks with strange hair-styles, tattoos and pierced noses and lips at the
  1. accountant's convention
  2. punk music concert
  3. old folk's home
more about this slang term: freak

4. goose (1)

We went to a restaurant last night and the waiter was such a goose. He was
  1. very helpful
  2. really fat
  3. so forgetful
more about this slang term: goose (1)

5. lardass

People started calling Benny a lardass when he began to
  1. work in a lard factory
  2. put on a lot of weight
  3. take dance lessons
more about this slang term: lardass

6. nut | nutter

A person could be called a nut or a nutter if they
  1. love eating nuts
  2. have lots of lovers
  3. behave strangely
more about this slang term: nut | nutter

7. sicko

People are called "sickos" if they are
  1. often sick
  2. medical professionals
  3. extremely cruel and sadistic
more about this slang term: sicko

8. tight-ass

A person who's often called a "tight-ass" is probably
  1. very strict
  2. really thin
  3. quite relaxed
more about this slang term: tight-ass

9. wanker

Michael gets called a wanker because he sometimes seems to think that he's
  1. better than other people
  2. dumber than other people
  3. funnier than other people
more about this slang term: wanker

10. zero

Someone might be called a zero if they have
  1. done very little in life
  2. done a great deal in life
  3. saved no money in life
more about this slang term: zero

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