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Slang Quiz: Mixed 1

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. action (1)

If you're interested in American politics, the action is
  1. in London
  2. in Washington
  3. in Tokyo
more about this slang term: action (1)

2. axe | ax (1)

The company had to axe Georgio because he
  1. worked too hard
  2. always came early
  3. made too many mistakes
more about this slang term: axe | ax (1)

3. beat it

If somebody tells you to "Beat it!", they're telling you to
  1. hit something
  2. defeat something
  3. go away
more about this slang term: beat it

4. blast (2)

The manager blasted his secretary for
  1. forgetting to give him a message
  2. writing an excellent letter
  3. doing such a good job
more about this slang term: blast (2)

5. crap (2)

Shane said that the website we showed him was crap. He thinks it's
  1. a pretty good website
  2. a really bad website
  3. a very interesting website
more about this slang term: crap (2)

6. drag

It was such a drag when my new computer
  1. wouldn't start up
  2. worked beautifully
  3. booted up perfectly
more about this slang term: drag

7. fart

If someone farts, it's possible to know by using the senses of
  1. seeing and tasting
  2. hearing and smelling
  3. touching and feeling
more about this slang term: fart

8. guts

It took a lot of guts for my son to
  1. bully a smaller kid
  2. bully a bigger kid
  3. help a kid who was being bullied
more about this slang term: guts

9. horny

Ben got really horny while he was
  1. mowing the lawn
  2. doing his tax return
  3. watching a wet T-shirt contest
more about this slang term: horny

10. rip-off (1)

If something's a rip-off, you probably
  1. don't need it
  2. won't buy it
  3. can't fix it
more about this slang term: rip-off (1)

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