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Slang Quiz: Mixed 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. ape | apeshit

When one of the boxers knocked out his opponent, the crowd went ape. They
  1. sat quietly
  2. cheered and clapped
  3. hooted and flapped their arms around
more about this slang term: ape | apeshit

2. babe

Who would normally be called a babe?
  1. A man of sixty
  2. A teenage girl
  3. A nine-year-old boy
more about this slang term: babe

3. beef

If you have a beef with someone, you have
  1. a problem with them
  2. a meal with them
  3. a good time with them
more about this slang term: beef

4. cock-up

There's been a cock-up with ticket sales. The concert hall can hold two thousand people, and they've sold
  1. 1,500 tickets
  2. 2,000 tickets
  3. 2,500 tickets
more about this slang term: cock-up

5. crash | crash out

Gina crashed while she was working at her computer. She must have been
  1. very tired
  2. very careless
  3. very angry
more about this slang term: crash | crash out

6. dunno

Nora said, "I dunno" when I asked her what
  1. her name was
  2. her tax ID number was
  3. her phone number was
more about this slang term: dunno

7. fib

If someone tells a fib, they say something that
  1. isn't really true
  2. isn't totally false
  3. isn't too good
more about this slang term: fib

8. run-in

We could see that Terry was having a run-in with the guy because they were
  1. laughing together
  2. shaking hands
  3. shouting at each other
more about this slang term: run-in

9. tons

Carol has made tons of new friends since she moved to New York. She is
  1. really lonely
  2. never lonely
  3. a real loner
more about this slang term: tons

10. wheels

Paul says he needs his own wheels because
  1. he can't drive
  2. he enjoys walking
  3. public transport isn't good enough
more about this slang term: wheels

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