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Slang Quiz: Mixed 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. arse | ass (1)

If someone is said to have a big arse, it means they have a large
  1. bank balance
  2. backside
  3. brain
more about this slang term: arse | ass (1)

2. blab

The name of the winner was supposed to be a secret, but someone blabbed and
  1. told us who it was
  2. kept the secret
  3. changed the result
more about this slang term: blab

3. cop out

She could have been a successful writer, but Lydia copped out and became a literary editor because she
  1. was afraid of failing
  2. was sick of writing
  3. wanted to be famous
more about this slang term: cop out

4. cushy

My cousin Frank has a really cushy job in the tax department. It's perfect for Frank because all he wants is
  1. a life of adventure
  2. a secure, stress-free life
  3. a challenging job
more about this slang term: cushy

5. eating

Someone might say "What's eating Sam?" if Sam looks
  1. thin
  2. upset
  3. tired
more about this slang term: eating

6. flunk

If Carlo flunks his English exam, he'll be
  1. very proud
  2. very upset
  3. very amused
more about this slang term: flunk

7. garbage

Maxine reckons the new menswear collection that Frederico has just released in Paris is garbage. She thinks it is
  1. awful
  2. wonderful
  3. inexpensive
more about this slang term: garbage

8. make tracks

Don said it was time to make tracks. He wanted to
  1. build some narrow paths
  2. leave for home
  3. take a train
more about this slang term: make tracks

9. shades

Shades are worn on
  1. the feet
  2. the face
  3. the hands
more about this slang term: shades

10. yawn

Which would most people find a yawn?
  1. a lecture on the Swedish economy
  2. a film about sex and sexuality in Sweden
  3. a free dinner in Sweden's most expensive restaurant
more about this slang term: yawn

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