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Slang Quiz: Mixed 4

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. arse-licking

Someone who's arse-licking to get a promotion might say to their boss,
  1. "I'd really like to get a promotion."
  2. "I promise I'll work really hard in future."
  3. "This is the best-run company I've ever worked for."
more about this slang term: arse-licking

2. balls (2)

The protesters sure had balls. They refused to stop marching even when
  1. it started to rain
  2. they were told to go home
  3. the soldiers started firing their weapons
more about this slang term: balls (2)

3. bloody

If someone says a movie was "bloody good", they think it was
  1. quite good
  2. not so good
  3. really good
more about this slang term: bloody

4. crap (1)

If someone needs to take a crap, they'll need
  1. some writing paper
  2. some toilet paper
  3. some wrapping paper
more about this slang term: crap (1)

5. damn

If you hear someone yell "Damn!", it most likely means they're
  1. tired
  2. bored
  3. angry
more about this slang term: damn

6. ex

The one thing I have to talk to my ex about is
  1. our children
  2. our wedding
  3. our marriage
more about this slang term: ex

7. grand

Ten times a hundred grand is
  1. ten grand
  2. ten thousand grand
  3. one million
more about this slang term: grand

8. hang-up

Georgina has a hang-up about her weight, and it means she
  1. doesn't eat enough
  2. eats too much
  3. doesn't care what she eats
more about this slang term: hang-up

9. mess up

I messed up at work today, so my boss
  1. told me off
  2. promoted me
  3. congratulated me
more about this slang term: mess up

10. sickie

Tom took a "sickie" after seeing the weather forecast for the day was fine and warm. He was feeling
  1. quite sick
  2. perfectly well
  3. a bit strange
more about this slang term: sickie

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