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Slang Quiz: Music

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. beat box

If someone is beat boxing, they are
  1. making music
  2. fighting
  3. exercising
more about this slang term: beat box

2. emo

Emo kids usually like to wear
  1. tight dark clothes
  2. loose light clothes
  3. formal business clothes
more about this slang term: emo

3. gig

If you're going to a gig on Friday night, you'll be
  1. hearing live music
  2. gambling in a casino
  3. listening to someone give a talk
more about this slang term: gig

4. groupie | groupy

Most of the groupies who followed The Beatles were
  1. little old ladies
  2. truck drivers
  3. teenage girls
more about this slang term: groupie | groupy

5. grunge

If someone asks you if you like grunge, they're asking you if you like
  1. a style of rock music
  2. a variety of cheese
  3. a checked fabric used to make shirts
more about this slang term: grunge

6. indie

Musicians who form indie bands often say the most important thing for them is
  1. making money
  2. creative freedom
  3. being famous
more about this slang term: indie

7. mash-up

The best place to do a mash-up is
  1. in a kitchen
  2. in a gym
  3. in a music studio
more about this slang term: mash-up

8. mosh pit

If you're in a mosh pit, you're probably at
  1. a children's playground
  2. a rock concert
  3. a gold mine
more about this slang term: mosh pit

9. sax

The sax is
  1. a brass instrument
  2. a percussion instrument
  3. a surgical instrument
more about this slang term: sax

10. veejay | VJ

Which person is most likely to get a job as a veejay?
  1. a bearded sixty-year-old man
  2. an overweight forty-year-old woman
  3. a cool-looking twenty-year-old guy
more about this slang term: veejay | VJ

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