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Slang Quiz: Shortened Words 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. ammo

The soldiers had plenty of ammo, including
  1. bullet-proof vests
  2. bullets and shells
  3. high-powered rifles
more about this slang term: ammo

2. coke

If a stranger comes up to you and says "You want some coke, man?", he's trying to sell you
  1. a can of Coca Cola
  2. a solid heating fuel
  3. some cocaine
more about this slang term: coke

3. intro

The intro to a book always comes
  1. first
  2. last
  3. in the middle
more about this slang term: intro

4. limo

They decided to rent a limo to drive them to
  1. the debutant's ball
  2. the supermarket
  3. the used-car lot
more about this slang term: limo

5. mo

If someone asks you to wait a mo, they want you to wait for
  1. a moustache
  2. an hour or so
  3. just a few seconds
more about this slang term: mo

6. quad (2)

Did you know that Muriel is a quad? She has
  1. two identical sisters
  2. three identical sisters
  3. four identical sisters
more about this slang term: quad (2)

7. quant

If you want to be a quant, you'll need to be good at
  1. sports
  2. mathematics
  3. drawing
more about this slang term: quant

8. ute

Jacko threw his tools in the back of his ute and
  1. rode home
  2. drove home
  3. sailed home
more about this slang term: ute

9. veggy | veggie (2)

People who are veggies
  1. are really lazy
  2. are mentally slow
  3. don't eat meat
more about this slang term: veggy | veggie (2)

10. whiz | wiz

David's a real whiz at chemistry, so when he does his chemistry exam he should
  1. pass with difficulty
  2. pass with ease
  3. pass out
more about this slang term: whiz | wiz

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