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Slang Quiz: Shortened Words 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. app

If you want to find some killer apps, you should go to
  1. a software website
  2. the city zoo
  3. a high-security prison
more about this slang term: app

2. fab

Rafael and Carlos said they had a fab time in the new club on Oxford Street. They
  1. hated it
  2. didn't mind it
  3. loved it
more about this slang term: fab

3. lab

A lab is a place that's used for
  1. doing experiments
  2. making recipes
  3. raising animals
more about this slang term: lab

4. mag

If you want to produce your own mags, you'll need
  1. a printing press
  2. a maggot farm
  3. a magnesium mine
more about this slang term: mag

5. Q and A

A "Q and A session" is a
  1. quizzing and answering session
  2. question and answer session
  3. quick and active session
more about this slang term: Q and A

6. rehab

Scottie decided to go to rehab because he wanted to
  1. make some money
  2. learn new skills
  3. stop taking drugs
more about this slang term: rehab

7. sax

The sax is
  1. a brass instrument
  2. a percussion instrument
  3. a surgical instrument
more about this slang term: sax

8. vac (1)

This year our long vac will be for
  1. two minutes
  2. two hours
  3. two weeks
more about this slang term: vac (1)

9. vet

My dad's a World War Two vet and he sometimes tells us about his time
  1. fighting in the army
  2. studying World War Two
  3. treating animals in the war
more about this slang term: vet

10. Xmas

In a traditional Xmas dinner, one of the main dishes is
  1. a tuna sandwich
  2. stewed octopus
  3. roast turkey
more about this slang term: Xmas

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