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Slang Quiz: Shortened Words 4

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. Aussie

If someone says they saw some Aussies, it means they saw
  1. some ostriches
  2. some Austrians
  3. some Australians
more about this slang term: Aussie

2. ID

You'll need to bring some ID, such as
  1. a photo or drawing
  2. a licence or passport
  3. cash or credit cards
more about this slang term: ID

3. indie

Musicians who form indie bands often say the most important thing for them is
  1. making money
  2. creative freedom
  3. being famous
more about this slang term: indie

4. lav

If someone says "Where's the lav?", they want to
  1. read some newspapers
  2. have something to eat
  3. go to the toilet
more about this slang term: lav

5. max

If the holiday is going to cost two thousand dollars max, it will cost
  1. no less than two thousand dollars
  2. no more than two thousand dollars
  3. exactly two thousand dollars
more about this slang term: max

6. QC

If a company spends more on QC, the products it produces should have
  1. fewer faults
  2. more faults
  3. no faults
more about this slang term: QC

7. turps

I knew Harry had been getting into the turps because he
  1. spoke very clearly
  2. looked perfectly normal
  3. couldn't walk in a straight line
more about this slang term: turps

8. vac (2)

Has the maid vacced
  1. the carpets yet?
  2. the dishes yet?
  3. the garden yet?
more about this slang term: vac (2)

9. vibe | vibes

Sandra said the guy had a strange vibe. She couldn't say what it was; it was just something
  1. she smelt
  2. she heard
  3. she felt
more about this slang term: vibe | vibes

10. zine

There are hundreds of zines published every month in the U.S.A., and most of them are about
  1. music or popular culture
  2. sports or fitness
  3. politics or economics
more about this slang term: zine

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