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Slang Quiz: Sports

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. abs

If someone says you've got nice abs, they've been looking at
  1. your exam results
  2. your medical records
  3. your midsection or midriff
more about this slang term: abs

2. footy

If someones loves footy, they love
  1. touching people's feet under the table
  2. having their feet massaged
  3. Australian Rules Football
more about this slang term: footy

3. hoops

If someone says "We gotta shoot some hoops, my man", it means they want to
  1. play hopscotch
  2. play basketball
  3. go duck shooting
more about this slang term: hoops

4. jock

The jocks are the guys who are
  1. into music
  2. into sports
  3. into underwear
more about this slang term: jock

5. juice

Nigel ran out of juice on the last lap, so he
  1. won the race easily
  2. had to buy some more
  3. lost the race
more about this slang term: juice

6. KO | kayo

If someone wins a boxing match by a KO, they win by
  1. a knockover
  2. a knockout
  3. a knockoff
more about this slang term: KO | kayo

7. ripped (1)

We saw this guy at the beach yesterday, and he was so ripped. He must have been
  1. in a fight with someone
  2. really upset about something
  3. working out a real lot
more about this slang term: ripped (1)

8. ump

Which of these sports is officiated by umps?
  1. boxing
  2. soccer
  3. tennis
more about this slang term: ump

9. yips

Golfers get the yips because they can't control
  1. their nerves
  2. their balls
  3. their caddies
more about this slang term: yips

10. zip (1)

Someone with a lot of zip feels
  1. sleepy
  2. nervous
  3. energetic
more about this slang term: zip (1)

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