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Slang Quiz: Teen 1

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. ace (1)

Louis is an ace driver on the Formula One circuit, so he's
  1. very good at driving golf balls
  2. highly skilled at racing fast cars
  3. an average Formula One driver
more about this slang term: ace (1)

2. awesome

Francine said the most awesome thing she did on her holiday was
  1. read an interesting book
  2. buy some clothes
  3. go skydiving for the first time
more about this slang term: awesome

3. dork

A young person who is called a dork is probably
  1. good at sports
  2. not good at relating to people
  3. clever at maths and science
more about this slang term: dork

4. dweeb

The kids call Mark a dweeb because he's
  1. clever but he doesn't say much
  2. stupid and aggressive
  3. good-looking and smart
more about this slang term: dweeb

5. gnarly

When my kids say something is gnarly, it means they think it's
  1. extremely good
  2. extremely bad
  3. either of the above
more about this slang term: gnarly

6. goof off | goof around

On the weekend, my son goofs off with his friends. They
  1. study hard
  2. work part-time
  3. play computer games
more about this slang term: goof off | goof around

7. gross

Which would most people find gross?
  1. wearing unwashed underwear
  2. washing unworn underwear
  3. wearing underwear under water
more about this slang term: gross

8. hang | hang out

In their free time, most teenagers like to hang with
  1. their parents
  2. their friends
  3. their computers
more about this slang term: hang | hang out

9. hickey

If someone has a hickey on their neck, they have probably
  1. been bitten by an insect
  2. got a skin disease
  3. made love recently
more about this slang term: hickey

10. hooky | hookey

Students who often play hooky will probably get
  1. excellent grades
  2. poor grades
  3. very fit and strong
more about this slang term: hooky | hookey

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