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Slang Quiz: Teen 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. ill

I heard some kids saying the new Batman movie was ill. This means they think it's
  1. good
  2. bad
  3. sick
more about this slang term: ill

2. janky

Did you see the janky car he came in? It looks
  1. totally cool
  2. really fast
  3. so old and dirty
more about this slang term: janky

3. jerk

If someone is a jerk, they'll probably be
  1. very funny
  2. really hard-working
  3. pretty unpopular
more about this slang term: jerk

4. lame

Matt said the song was great and the video was lame. He liked
  1. both the song and the video
  2. the song only
  3. the video only
more about this slang term: lame

5. make out

Lee and Kim were making out for quite a while. They were
  1. having a discussion
  2. making some snacks
  3. kissing and cuddling
more about this slang term: make out

6. mega

Some guys at the beach said the surf was absolutely mega today. The waves were
  1. really huge
  2. fairly big
  3. really small
more about this slang term: mega

7. nerd

If you'd like to see a large number of nerds, you should go
  1. on a wildlife safari
  2. to an information technology fair
  3. to a beauty pageant
more about this slang term: nerd

8. rock

The kids said the new Batman movie "rocks". They think it's
  1. really bad
  2. really good
  3. really strange
more about this slang term: rock

9. suck | it sucks

It really sucks when
  1. I get sick on my day off
  2. I have a good time on a date
  3. my team wins a game
more about this slang term: suck | it sucks

10. totally

Justin said the new game is "totally awesome". He thinks it is
  1. a little bit awesome
  2. quite awesome
  3. extremely awesome
more about this slang term: totally

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