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Teacher's Notes

The EnglishClub Vocabulary sections on Idioms, Sayings and Slang include several useful resources for teachers:

1. There are many quiz sets (10 questions each) which students may answer online or in print version. Each quiz set is printer-friendly. Just start printing and the page will print out in black only, stripped of header, footer, ads etc.

2. Quick-reference answers are provided for each group of quiz sets, also in printer-friendly format.

3. You can adapt many of the quizzes for use as classroom games. Some suggested quiz games, with instructions, are provided below. The questions are in multiple choice format and test English idioms, sayings and slang.

Suggested Quiz Games

Levels of Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced. Before using these quiz games, check some questions to make sure they are suitable for your students.

Preparation: You'll need to print question sets for the games you'd like to use. For some games you'll also need a white or blackboard and chairs that can be moved to form a "stage" in front of the class.

Question Sheets: Each question sheet has a set of ten multiple choice questions. Some question sheets test Idioms, some test Sayings, and some test Slang. Some sets cover a single topic, such as "Animals Idioms", "Sayings about Money"; or "Teen Slang". Other sets cover a range of topics, and are called "Mixed Idioms", "Mixed Sayings", and "Mixed Slang".

Questions: Idioms | Sayings | Slang

Answers: All answers are on printable answer sheets. One sheet has answers for all the Idioms questions, another for all the Sayings questions, and a third for all the Slang questions.

Answers: Idioms | Sayings | Slang

These resources may be found at:

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