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You're only young once.

Meaning: You can say "you're only young once" when you're trying to persuade someone, or yourself, to do something while you're still young enough to do it.

For example:

  • Jules was trying to talk me into backpacking through Africa with her when she said, "Come on! You're only young once!"

  • I invited my ninety-year-old grandfather to come fishing with us and he smiled and said, "Oh, why not. You're only young once."

Note: This phrase is more of a cliche than an idiom, but it's still useful for learners to know.

Quick Quiz:

I said, "Well, OK. You're only young once," after Rajiv had said,
  1. "Good morning."
  2. "Would you like to try kite-surfing?"
  3. "Do you fancy a cup of tea?"

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