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fall out (2) Informal

Meaning: If you and a friend fall out, you are no longer friendly because of a disagreement or a problem you've had.

For example:

  • fall out over sth/sb Sayoko and Hiroko fell out over a boy they both liked, and now they aren't speaking to one another.

  • fall out with sb I fell out with my parents after I told them I was gay. They couldn't accept it.

Nouns often used as subjects with
fall out (2): friends, relatives, partners, colleagues, lovers

Note: The noun "falling-out" comes from this phrasal verb. A "falling-out" occurs when friends, colleagues or family members have a disagreement or a misunderstanding over something, and their relationship is in danger of ending. For example, "They had a falling-out over their mother's will after she died."

Quick Quiz:

If two friends have fallen out over something, they are probably
  1. very clumsy
  2. not talking to each other
  3. looking for it

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