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itching for

Meaning: If you're itching for something, you really want it.

For example:

  • be itching for sth After they'd had a few drinks, some of the guys were itching for a fight.

  • be itching for sth The team's substitutes are itching for a chance to get onto the pitch to show off their footballing skills.

Nouns often used as objects with
itching for: fight, drink, chance, opportunity

Note: Always used in one of the continuous tenses, such as "is itching for", "was itching for" or "has been itching for".

Quick Quiz:

Ever since Carlos lost his world middleweight title to Hiroko, he has been itching for a rematch. He wants to
  1. quit boxing
  2. delay the rematch
  3. fight Hiroko as soon as possible

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