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dago Taboo

Meaning: a derogatory word for a person from Italy, Spain, Portugal or South America

For example:

  • If you call someone a dago, don't be surprised if they get upset. It's a very offensive word.

  • When I was young, people who didn't like foreigners called our neighbours "dagos" because they came to Australia from Italy.

Note: This is a very offensive derogatory term that is only used by racists.

Origin: Derived from the Spanish name "Diego", a common name in Spain, Portugal and South America.

Warning! This is very bad language. If you are a non-native speaker, you are advised not to use it. (You could cause resentment or anger if you use it inappropriately.)

Quick Quiz:

If someone is called a dago, they'll probably feel
  1. angry
  2. amused
  3. happy

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