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footy Australian English

Meaning: Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules Football

For example:

  • I grew up in Melbourne in Australia, so when I was kid I was crazy about footy and about my favourite club, St. Kilda. And I still love footy today!

  • Hey Mark! You wanna go to the footy on Saturday? Collingwood's playing St. Kilda at the M.C.G., so it should be a beauty!

Note: This word can also mean the ball used in Australian Rules Football, as in "Hey Jonesy! Kick us the footy, will ya?"

Origin: short for "football", from "Aussie Rules Football" or "Australian Rules Football"

Variety: This slang is typically used in Australian English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

Quick Quiz:

If someones loves footy, they love
  1. touching people's feet under the table
  2. having their feet massaged
  3. Australian Rules Football

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