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Practice 1: Making an Appointment

Receptionist: Thank you for phoning Maple Dental Clinic. Sylvia . How can I help you?
Thelma: Hi Sylvia. Thelma Woods calling. How are you today?
Receptionist: I'm fine Mrs. Woods. How are you?  
Thelma: Well, actually, I have a bit of a sore tooth. I was hoping Dr. Morris would have some time to see me this week.  
Receptionist: I'm he's booked this week. I can put you in for 2pm next Tuesday. How does that sound?
Thelma: That would be great.  
Receptionist: I'll have to give you the address of our new office.  
Thelma: Oh, that's right, you moved.  
Receptionist: Yes, we moved downtown. Do you have a ?
Thelma: Could you hold on a please. ...Okay, go ahead Sylvia.
Receptionist: Okay, we are at 723 Baltic Avenue. Suite 004.  
Thelma: spelling that for me?
Receptionist: Sure. That's seven-twenty-three Baltic--B A as in Alpha, L as in Lima, T as in tango, I as in India, and C as in Charlie. And it's suite zero zero four.
Thelma: Okay great. I'll see you on Tuesday then.  
Receptionist: Okay. calling. See you then.
Thelma: Thanks. Bye.  

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