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Tips needed for applying to China job ads

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Tips needed for applying to China job ads

Unread postby FlyFisher » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:05 pm

Hi - I wonder if you could give me some advice?

I am 51, English, have a BA in philosophy 30 years ago, and have spent almost 30 years in financial markets and business sales and decided to change career (a decision accelerated by the fact that my business has just gone down the pan!!) .

I have just completed a Cambridge CELTA in London and am about to do a 5 week summer school contract in UK. After this, I would like to head to the Far East.

It seems to me, reading various forums and sites, that China has two systems - the first is that one works for a Language School:- private, pay about 8 to 12,000 RMB, work 6 days a week and all hours; benefits include all visa and paperwork taken care of, and generally appears at first hand to be well paid.

The second route seems to be that one works for a state school or university. Pay is a lot less, 5-6,000 RMB, but then so are the hours (presumably allowing one to supplement the income with private tuition?). Also, they appear to give paid holidays.

My questions are:
1. have I got it right?
2. assuming I want the state school/university option, how/where do I find these jobs?
3. If all of the above is wrong, please enlighten me.
4. Anywhere else I should look to teach as a 51 year old newbie?
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Re: Tips needed for applying to China job ads

Unread postby LucyK » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:47 pm

Hi James,

Yes you do have it right, you can find jobs online either through websites (such as the forum on here) also well known sites are Daves ESL Cafe and TEFL.com, otherwise you can get a job through a company such as i to i which specialises in matching English teachers up with positions overseas, although this method is obviously more costly.

In terms of where you should look, it depends on what you hope to achieve! For example if you want a decent wage then countries such as South Korea and those in the Middle East pays best. It really depends on your own personal preferences e.g. if you want to be around other expats, you want to learn a language, etc.

Read blogs such as tastetefl.com they can provide such a wealth of info.
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Re: Tips needed for applying to China job ads

Unread postby redfeilds » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:04 pm

For a while I have been considering moving to work in Asia.

I am a graduate, holding a BSc Honours in Games Computing Software Engineering and have been working freelance as a web developer, and am looking for work within web development in Asia, I will be training for the TEFL England 130hour course when I get back from travel to Switzerland and Germany, so intend to start the course 6 months training in the new year as I want to move to Asia so giving my the best options and chance possible to gain work and a visa.

I had been considering Korea, China/Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore and maybe Japan, the best option seems like China on the web developer jobs front and cost of living is low with good wages, seen one job: Web Architect 上海 Shanghai, China 20000 (£2,029.2236) to 30000 (£3,043.8354) RMB/month.

Can anyone recommend a good English language option jobs website for these countries thats good for expats?
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