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Teaching Business English with no teaching certificate

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Teaching Business English with no teaching certificate

Unread postby liverpoolwalrus » Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:47 am

I sort of have the opposite problem other people have. I was offered a job today teaching business English by virtue of my business background and degree, but I have no ESL teaching certificate. I know little or nothing about the fine art of teaching and am considering this offer to be tantamount to being thrown into a fire.

The recruiter tells me it's up to me to design lesson plans. Can anyone suggest a website where I could find business English lesson plans for intermediate students? I did a preliminary search but the results were not very promising. I see there are books on the subject as well, but I'm a little uneasy stealing other people's creations. Perhaps I could modify them or mix them in with my own. Any suggestions? Are there such things as ESL mentors/coaches that could bring me up to speed and teach me the bare minimum I should know in a day or two?

Also, given the lesson plans I've seen, it appears to me, the layperson, that English learning for intermediates is nothing more than playing games. Is that the case? Every lesson, every day of the week? Is there no formal structure?

Thanks for any input.
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