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Other Contractions

Here are some more examples showing some very common contractions.

Short form Long form Example
here's here is Here's your meal.
there'll there will There'll be nobody here tomorrow.
there's there is There's a taxi!
that's that is That's my car!
that'll that will That'll be $10, please.
how's how is? How's your wife?
what'll what will? What'll people think?
what's what is? What's the matter?
when's when is? When's the wedding?
where's where is? Where's the cinema?
who's who is? Who's your teacher?
who'd who would? Who'd like ice-cream?
who'll who will? Who'll be there?

Listen to Contraction Blues: here's, there'll, there's, that's, that'll, how's, what'll

It is also possible, and common, to contract three words, for example:
I'd've thought so = I would have thought so.

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