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gross OR net Quiz

1 Before they added a service charge, the cost was only $25.
2 Fedex will charge you for shipping that by the total or weight.
3 The pay I take home after all those taxes is hardly worth working for.
4 It's $100 but there's a delivery charge so the sum is $120.
5 What a swindle! When you remove all this fancy packaging the weight is only 1kg.
6 The weight of the car, including fuel and everything, is 2500kg.
7 A cup of tea is $1 plus 25 cents tax so the price should be $1.25.
8 They deducted $100 from the $500 I earned so my take-home pay was only $400.
9 Even after paying costs and taxes they will still a small fortune.
10 By the end of the year they will have over a billion roubles. But then the tax man will come knocking.

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