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Say or Tell Quiz

1 Anthony that he was hungry.
2 Tara me that you were ill.
3 He everybody that he is French.
4 He to me that he was angry.
5 The doctor her: "Lie on the couch."
6 She , "That's a great idea!"
7 She : "What's the time?"
8 He that it had snowed the week before.
9 She me that Bangkok was hot.
10 She if I had ever been there.
11 James him to shut up.
12 They what I felt like.
13 him to have a drink and relax.
14 He always his daughter a bed-time story.
15 Some people just cannot the truth.
16 Panita that she was disappointed.
17 The teacher : "Have you done your homework?"
18 He's 9 years old and still can't the time.
19 His father him not to come home late.
20 How do I know? I can't the future.

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