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Latin Abbreviations In English

  • A.D. (anno domini): in the year of the Lord
  • ad inf., ad infin. (ad infinitum): to infinity
  • A.M. (ante meridiem): before midday
  • B.A. (Baccalaureus Artium): Bachelor of Arts
  • B.D. (Baccalaureus Divinitatis): Bachelor of Divinity
  • B.L. (Baccalaureus Legum): Bachelor of Law
  • B.Lit. (Baccalaureus Lit[t]erarum): Bachelor of Literature (or Letters)
  • B.M. (Baccalaureus Medicinae): Bachelor of Medicine
  • B.Mus. (Baccalaureus Musicae): Bachelor of Music
  • B.Phil. (Baccalaureus Philosophiae): Bachelor of Philosophy
  • B.S., B.Sc. (Baccalaureus Scientiae): Bachelor of Science
  • c., circ. see circa
  • cf. (confer): compare
  • D.D. (Divinitatis Doctor): Doctor of Divinity
  • D.G. (Dei Gratia): By the grace of God
  • D.Lit. (Doctor Litterarum): Doctor of Literature
  • D.M. (Doctor Medicinae): Doctor of Medicine
  • D.V. (Deo volente): God willing
  • e.g. (exempli gratia): for example
  • et al. (et alii, et alia): and others
  • etc. (et cetera): and the rest, and so forth
  • et seq. (et sequens, et sequentes, et sequentia): and the following
  • id. (idem): the same
  • i.e. (id est): that is
  • lb. (libra): pound
  • M.A. (Magister Artium): Master of Arts
  • M.D. (Medicinae Doctor): Doctor of Medicine
  • M.O. (modus operandi): method of operating
  • N.B. (Nota bene): Note well
  • no. (numero): by number
  • non obst. (non obstante): notwithstanding
  • non seq. (non sequitur): it does not follow
  • p.d. (per diem): by the day
  • p.a. see per annum
  • Ph.D. (Philosophiae Doctor): Doctor of Philosophy
  • P.M. (post meridiem): after midday
  • P.S. (post scriptum): written after
  • Q.E.D. see quod erat demonstrandum
  • R. (rex, regina): King, Queen
  • R.I.P. (Requiescat in pace): Rest in peace
  • vox pop. (vox populi): the voice of the people
  • vs. see versus

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