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Prepositions beginning with A

One-word prepositions


  • We went aboard the boat.
  • Is there a doctor aboard the plane?


  • What do you think about Mary?
  • Let's talk about something different.
  • I've just read a book about President Kennedy.
  • The lion was pacing about its cage.


  • We are flying above the clouds.
  • We live in the hills, 1,000 metres above sea-level.
  • It's only two degrees above freezing point. [+2ºC]
  • Who came above you in the test results?


  • We drove across the desert.
  • The dog ran across the road.
  • There is a bridge across the river.
  • She lives in the house across the street. It's nearly opposite mine.

after (also conjunction)

  • We had lunch [1pm] after the meeting [11am].
  • Let's meet the day after tomorrow.


  • Did you vote for or against the suggestion?
  • He put his bicycle against the wall.


  • We walked along the beach for two miles.
  • There are trees along the road.
  • The toilet is along the corridor.


  • Their boat came alongside our boat.
  • Team A worked alongside Team B during construction.

amid | amidst (poetic)

  • I couldn't hear her amid the noise.
  • We were lost amidst the trees.

among | amongst (mainly British English)

  • Is there a doctor among us?
  • There were secret police among the crowd.
  • I was amongst strangers. I didn't know anyone.


  • He seems to be anti my idea.
  • Some people are anti everything.


  • We walked around the town for an hour.
  • They all sat around the camp fire.
  • There is a big fence around the house.
  • He was born around 1570.
  • Let's meet around 7pm.

as (also conjunction)

  • He is working as a waiter.
  • The risk is as nothing compared to the profit.
  • Ram is as tall as Anthony.


  • She sat astride the horse.


  • He is at school.
  • We first met at a party.
  • Let's start the meeting at 9 o'clock.
  • He started work at 17 (years of age).
  • We are aiming at sales of $1,000,000.

atop (poetic)

  • The church is situated atop a hill.

Complex prepositions

according to

  • According to John, Mary was late. I believe John.

ahead of

  • Anthony is ahead of Rachel in the race. He'll win.
  • We have a long day ahead of us. Let's get going!

à la (from French)

  • It's a TV show à la CNN. Same style, similar content.

along with

  • Do you want some pork along with the chicken?

apart from

  • Nobody objected apart from you, so we did it.

as for

  • As for Matt, he will arrive later.

aside from

  • I have another car aside from this one. Both are red.

as per

  • We must work strictly as per the law.

as to

  • As to your behaviour, I think you were wrong.

as well as

  • You should telephone as well as write, just to be sure.

away from

The cat ran away from the dog and escaped.

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