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Prepositions beginning with B

One-word prepositions


  • Everyone came bar Angela.
  • He is the best bar none.


  • Barring rain, we'll play tennis tomorrow.

before (also conjunction)

  • We had lunch [1pm] before the meeting [3pm].
  • We met the day before yesterday.
  • She was before me in the queue.
  • I would rather die before doing that.


  • There is a police car behind us. It's following us.
  • We have a garden behind our house.
  • The child was hiding behind the tree.
  • I am behind your project. I will support it.
  • Vonica finished behind Shirley in the race.
  • She is behind the other children in her class.


  • Much of Holland is below sea-level.
  • There is a family in the flat below us.
  • The temperature is 5 degrees below freezing point. [-5ÂșC]
  • I came below Vonica in the test.
  • You can buy it if it's below $50.


  • Our garage is beneath our house.
  • The tunnel runs beneath the sea.
  • Laurence is beneath the General Manager.
  • It was beneath his dignity to do that.


  • The river runs beside our house.
  • James was sitting beside Miriam.


  • What shall we have besides coffee?


  • Tara was sitting between Ram and Ati.
  • Between you and me, I think she's crazy.
  • I can meet you between 1pm and 2pm.


  • Can you see someone in the distance, beyond that house?
  • This is too difficult. It's beyond me.
  • The meeting continued beyond midnight.

but (also conjunction)

  • Everyone came but Andrea.


  • We came by car.
  • Fireworks were invented by the Chinese.
  • He was shot by a professional killer.
  • It happened by accident.
  • He lost the race by five seconds.
  • The room is 10 metres by 6 metres.
  • We must finish by Tuesday.
  • We were sitting by the window.
  • By my calculation he must be 73.

Complex prepositions

because of

  • We can't play tennis because of the rain.

but for

  • It's your fault! But for you, I'd have been on time.

by means of

  • You open a door by means of its handle.

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