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Prepositions beginning with O

One-word prepositions


  • I live in the house at the end of the road.
  • Where is the key of the car?
  • Do you like the work of Shakespeare?
  • What was the cost of this book?
  • He lives in the City of Westminster.
  • It was kind of you to help me.
  • This is the cause of the problem.
  • He died of cancer.
  • Most tables are made of wood.
  • Can I have a cup of coffee?
  • I know some of these people.
  • I don't know any of these people.
  • He lives south of London.
  • He lives in the south of London.


  • Please take your shoes off the table.
  • Keep off the grass.
  • It fell off the table and broke.
  • They live in a street off Fifth Avenue.


  • Please don't put your shoes on the table.
  • The picture is on page 7.
  • We live on a busy road. It's very noisy.
  • She is sunbathing on the beach.
  • Is there water on the Moon?
  • I need a book on bio-chemistry.
  • My birthday is on Monday.
  • I start work on 7 May.
  • Let's meet on the weekend. (American English)
  • I'll see you on Christmas Day.
  • You must be on time.
  • He broke his leg on getting out of the car.

onto (mainly American English) see on to

  • The cat jumped onto the chair.
  • The police are onto us. (slang)


  • There is a post office opposite my house.
  • She sat opposite him and looked into his eyes.


  • I don’t live in London. I live outside London.
  • It was very cold outside the car.
  • This is outside my scope.


  • We are flying over the mountains.
  • Put the blanket over the bed.
  • The cat jumped over the wall.
  • Let’s discuss it over dinner.
  • The king ruled over the country for many years.
  • The town is just over the border.
  • It cost over $50. It was $53.25.
  • There is rain over the whole country.
  • It took over an hour to do my homework.
  • The population has increased over the past twenty years.
  • Can you stay with us over Christmas?

Complex prepositions

on account of

  • Don't worry on account of me. Think about yourself.

on behalf of

  • I'm calling you on behalf of Mr Brown. I represent him in legal matters.

on board

  • Is there a doctor on board this plane?

on to (mainly British English) see onto

  • The cat jumped on to the chair.

on top of

  • The cat is sitting on top of the television.

opposite to

  • There is a tree opposite to the house. Straight across the road.

other than

  • Sorry, we're out of whisky. But we have every drink other than whisky.

out of

  • Take your hands out of your pockets and help me!
  • He went out of the room to smoke a cigarette.
  • We're out of eggs. Shall I buy some?

outside of

  • They stopped outside of the city to check the map before entering.

owing to

  • We didn't go swimming, owing to the cold weather.

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