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Prepositions beginning with T

One-word prepositions

than (also conjunction)

  • He is a writer than whom there is no finer.
  • Your car is bigger than my car.

through (also thru - American English)

  • The train goes through a tunnel.
  • I can see light through the keyhole.
  • You have been through a difficult experience.
  • You went thru a red light.
  • The error occurred through my own stupidity.
  • They worked Monday through Thursday. (American English)


  • It is raining throughout the whole country.
  • He worked throughout the day, and most of the night.

till (also conjunction)

  • I work from 9am till 5pm.
  • Please wait till I come.


  • Could you give this to Kob?
  • My car does 10 miles to the litre.
  • To his surprise, the door was open.
  • The museum is open from Monday to Friday.
  • The time is ten to five. [4.50]


  • Touching your homework, I think we need to speak.

towards (mainly British English), toward (mainly American English)

  • He drove off toward(s) the mountain.
  • I'd better go. It's getting toward(s) midnight.
  • He contributed $100,000 toward(s) the new building.
  • It's the first step toward(s) peace.
  • He has a positive attitude toward(s) his work.

Complex prepositions

thanks to

  • Thanks to Shirley, we arrived on time.

together with

  • I'd like chicken please, together with vegetables.

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