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Prepositions beginning with U

One-word prepositions


  • The mouse ran under the chair.
  • The bucket is under the sink.
  • Submarines can travel under water.
  • We drove under a bridge.
  • I have a T-shirt under my pullover.
  • Who do you work under? Who is your boss?
  • I am under orders from the President.
  • What is the subject under discussion?
  • Under the company rules, we can't do that.
  • Please buy it if it's under $50.


  • The nurse put a pillow underneath his head.
  • There is a big cellar underneath our house.


  • That's very unusual. It's unlike Andrea to be so rude.
  • This problem is unlike any we have met before.

until (formal; also conjunction)

  • They continued the meeting until 11pm.
  • Please wait until I come.


  • Jack and Jill ran up the hill.
  • There is a post office up the street.

upon (formal)

  • Please don't put your shoes upon the table.
  • There are now no dinosaurs upon Earth.
  • I need a book upon bio-chemistry.
  • We met upon a Monday.
  • He broke his leg upon getting out of the car.

Complex prepositions

up against

  • We are up against a powerful enemy.

up to

  • There was a shop here up to 1990. But it closed that year.

up until

  • We worked up until they came. Then we stopped.

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