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Olympics Quizzes

Olympics Vocabulary Quiz

1 The Olympic Games are every four years.
2 The IOC is the International Olympics .
3 Where did the last Winter Olympics take ?
4 Athletes are sent to their country.
5 The swimming will be held in a newly-built venue.
6 Medals are presented in the awards .
7 The events are watched by thousands of .
8 In events like diving and gymnastics, judges give each performance a .
9 The Olympics are often called a celebration of the human .
10 Athletes try to perform to the best of their .

Olympics Knowledge Quiz

1 The Ancient Olympics started over years ago.
2 The Ancient Olympics were held in .
3 A Roman Emperor banned the Olympic Games in
4 In 1896, the first Modern Olympics were held in .
5 The two competitions are the Summer Olympics and the Olympics.
6 The Summer and Winter Olympics are held in years.
7 The Paralympic Games are held the Olympic Games.
8 An Olympic athlete finishing in third place is awarded a medal.
9 The Olympic Creed expresses the Olympic .
10 The Olympic Creed says the most important thing is .

Popular Olympic Sports

Athletics Athletics
Badminton Badminton
Basketball Basketball
Boxing Boxing
Football Football
Hockey Hockey
Tennis Tennis
figure skating Fig. Skating
ice hockey Ice Hockey
Skiing Skiing

Other Popular Sports

Baseball Baseball
Cricket Cricket
Golf Golf
Rugby Rugby
Squash Squash

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