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Olympic Games

Olympic rings

The Ancient Olympics: Beginnings in Greece
Find out all about the origins of the Olympic Games.

The Modern Olympics: Olympic Games Revived
Learn all about the modern Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

People of the Olympics
Read about the athletes, trainers, officials and all the others who make the Olympics happen.

Olympic Dreams
What is it that inspires athletes from all over the world to spend years training for the Olympics?

The Olympic Spirit
Find out what the Olympics Games are really meant to be about.

Olympics Quizzes
After learning all about the Olympics, test your knowledge with these fun quizzes.

Host Cities of the Olympic Games
A look at some the cities where the Olympic Games have been or will be held.

Popular Olympic Sports

Athletics Athletics
Badminton Badminton
Basketball Basketball
Boxing Boxing
Football Football
Hockey Hockey
Tennis Tennis
figure skating Fig. Skating
ice hockey Ice Hockey
Skiing Skiing

Other Popular Sports

Baseball Baseball
Cricket Cricket
Golf Golf
Rugby Rugby
Squash Squash

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