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Sports Vocabulary Quiz

All information to answer this quiz can be found on the general Sports Vocabulary page.

1 The person a tennis player serves the ball to is his or her .
2 Golf is played on a golf .
3 Rugby players often have to their opponents.
4 The scores were tied at the end, so the game was a .
5 After winning the tournament, Anna held her over her head.
6 Which of these words is the opposite of “professional”?
7 If a player breaks one of the , the referee should award a penalty.
8 The 400 metre race is one of the most exciting in athletics.
9 Which of these words has a similar meaning to “tactics”?
10 A swimming coach’s job is to his or her athletes.
11 The players were working out in the gym in order to build up their .
12 Do you know how to keep during a badminton match?
Popular Olympic Sports

Athletics Athletics
Badminton Badminton
Basketball Basketball
Boxing Boxing
Football Football
Hockey Hockey
Tennis Tennis
figure skating Fig. Skating
ice hockey Ice Hockey
Skiing Skiing

Other Popular Sports

Baseball Baseball
Cricket Cricket
Golf Golf
Rugby Rugby
Squash Squash

Researched and written by Matt Errey for EnglishClub.

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