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Are left-handed people disadvantaged?

What do you think? Discussion for ESL learners and teachers.

Charity begins at home

Should we help the poor in our own country first?

Do animals have a sense of humour?

What do you think?

Do you believe that alien life forms exist on other planets?

What do you think? Discussion for ESL learners and teachers.

Education Forums

Education Forums and community resources!

English Forums

English grammar help, English practice.

English grammar help, TEFL, ESP, debating society, word games

ESL Forum

This is where you can make contact in English with people all over the world.

ESL Forums

Discussion, games, penpals and more for ESL learners and teachers

Evrica Times - all about teens!

An English-speaking site for teenagers from Russia and England. We're awaiting other people too! Learn how to talk correctly and how to create articles for newspapers.

Freelang & Lokanova

A forum about languages

Global differences in skin colour

Discussion for ESL learners and teachers

Talking Point Discussion: Does it really matter how we treat babies?

Discussion about bringing up babies

Talking Point Discussion: Secrets of Success

Discussion about success in life

World-English Answers Forum

Ask one of our team of English specialists any English language question you want.

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