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Links to Dictation pages for ESL learners and teachers
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Links to sites about film and television for ESL learners and teachers
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Links to Radio for ESL learners and teachers
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Links to Video for ESL learners and teachers


How to Hear English Everywhere popular

This page will show you why it is important to hear as much English as possible. And how to hear English everywhere in the world.

Audio Bible

Features a list of audio tapes providing study material

Audio from Speak, Read, Write

Free mp3s of idioms, stories, articles, and more.


Listening exercises for advanced English students.

Learn English

Pronunciation Please - a new short story, poem or joke to listen to every month.

Listen to the Weather Report

Listen to a typical weather report. With quiz to check understanding.

Listening Comprehension App

LEARN ENGLISH BY RADIO is a series of iPhone apps that greatly improves listening comprehension. Innovative features include variable speed audio; synched, reversible transcripts; embedded links for immediate pronunciation, idiom, vocabulary and grammar clarifications. These apps seamlessly weave ESL education into classic American radio shows such as Gunsmoke, Dragnet, Our Miss Brooks (comedy) and X Minus 1 (sci-fi).

Podcasts in English

Listening activities and worksheets

Pronunciation Patterns

Download Pronunciation Patterns demo to help U improve your listening

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

English listening practice web site, suitable for any level of English learner.


A site that has recordings of famous poems, speeches, etc that people can listen or practice speaking English to!

Shaggy Dog Stories

Download 10 short, funny stories in mp3 format.

Song Lyrics and Worksheets

Lyrics and worksheet database to make songs fun for students.

Sound Cloud

An audio web tool that teachers can use with students. Add audio and students can comment about it at certain parts during the playback. Teachers can comment too. Great for combining two skills, such as listening and writing or listening and speaking.

The Justin Time Radio Show!

Free, student friendly and funny! Learning English with DJ Justin Time is a comical adventure! Not at all what you might expect! English podcast comedy lessons for EFL or ESL students, with Tokyo based British DJ Justin Time. An enjoyable way to learn some new vocabulary and practice your listening.

Weather Report & Quiz (with Audio Files)

Listen to the weather report and answer a quiz. Three levels of difficulty. - Listening Skills

Learn about English listening skills.

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