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Phonetics (7)
Links to English Phonetics pages for ESL learners and teachers
Tongue-Twisters (3)
Links to English Tongue Twister pages for ESL learners and teachers


"Say it", game to learn English pronunciation

Try to pronounce the phonetics and write the correct word.

A guide to English pronunciation

How to avoid the pitfalls of English pronunciation?

Accent Modification

Pronunciation programs, tips and general info for international speakers of English.

Accent Reduction / Pronunciation

Accent Reduction / English Pronunciation Training

Accent Training Center

The Accent Training Center offers accent reduction services to individuals with a foreign accents. Lessons are given in Cleveland Ohio and anywhere in the world via Skype. The blog is constantly updated to provide the best information on culture, language, and pronunciation.

Accurate English

Accent reduction, pronunciation training

ALTA Language Services | Accent Reduction

Accent reduction

American Accent Training

Learn how to speak with a standard American accent. Diagnostic speech analysis and telephone classes available.

Best Accent Training

MP3 download for correct English pronunciation

BetterAccent Tutor

Become confident, effective, easily understood speaker of English. Use the Tutor to SEE, HEAR, COMPARE and EVALUATE intonation, stress and rhythm of your speech.

British English pronunciation worksheets + mp3s

Download free worksheets and mp3s. Practise saying English sounds and sentences.

Elocution Lessons for Pronunciation

Free elocution lessons for better spoken English

English pronunciation and the phonetic alphabet — an introduction

The most important problems of English pronunciation and how to solve them. An explanation of phonetic transcription and the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Good English pronunciation — why it is important

Why pronunciation should be one of the first things that you learn in English.


Words that sound the same but have different spellings and/or meanings. hour/our, bare/bear/bear

How to pronounce words and use them (by Embedplus)

A multimedia pronunciation dictionary and English word usage API. Search for a word and not only get an audio pronunciation but also tagged and time-stamped videos of real people in real situations speaking and using the word in context.


A free online dictionary that provides the proper pronunciation of English words.

Improve your English pronunciation

Proven English pronunciation teaching method

Learn English with audio

Translations and transliterations in 4 languages

Linking in English Pronunciation

The rules for linking words when we say a phrase or sentence in English.

Name Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation guide to the names of people


How do we pronounce the word "the"?

Pronunciation Patterns

Download Pronunciation Patterns demo

Pronunciation Resources

Collection of materials to help teach pronunciation.

Rachel's English - American Accent

Video-rich guide to American pronunciation Pronunciation

Phonology & pronunciation chart videos and flash - Pronunciation Skills

Learn about English pronunciation skills.

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