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BBC Learning English

A range of online content to help students improve their English

Compelling ESL Conversations

An ESL teacher's reflections on teaching.

Crazy Room

funny introduction to prepositions: a room where it's all mixed up

EC for Schools

Information and tools for ESL school managers.

EL Gazette

Online version of the EL Gazette for the English teaching world.

Find great online Skype English teachers.

We are a new site and we host a lot of English teachers and other language teachers. We hope to see you soon and you will be happy a lot of our teachers offer free trial lessons. :-)

Funny English

Here is a collection of strange signs that you may enjoy sharing with your students—with appropriate explanations!


Fun classroom games, original songs, worksheets, articles and advice.

Get Them Talking! A Complete Guide to ESL Tutoring

An ebook for people who want to succeed at teaching English conversation skills to people for whom English is a second language. Written by Kimberly Fujioka, who has taught and tutored international people for over twenty-five years.

How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market

How to successfully sell language courses even in times of international crisis.

International Languages Educational Languages Inc.

TEFL and TESL tips, articles, and other helpful resources

Langwich Scool

Cartoons about teaching English by Jon Marks

Putting Yourself in their Shoes

When language teachers become language learners they learn much more than a new language.

Teaching English

Content for teachers of English

Teaching English in Korea - ESL blog

ESL blog aims to provide news, reviews, opinions, and links.

Teaching Vocabulary: 2 Dozen Tips and Techniques

Lots of different examples of ways that teachers can review vocabulary.


Frequently asked questions about TEFL or teaching English as a foreign language.

TEFL Notice Board

Discussion, projects and ESL jobs for ESL teachers

TEFLtastic Blog

News, views and reviews from Alex Case in Japan


TESOL's mission is to develop and maintain professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages worldwide.

Virtual Round Table

A semi-annual free online conference for language teachers. Focuses on using technology for language learning.

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