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Font Styles

a is for Australia
b is for Belgium
c is for Canada
d is for Denmark
e is for Egypt
f is for France
g is for Greece
h is for Hungary
i is for India
j is for Japan
k is for Korea
l is for Libya
m is for Malta
n is for Nepal
o is for Oman
p is for Peru
q is for Qatar
r is for Russia
s is for Spain
t is for Thailand
u is for USA
v is for Vietnam
w is for Wales
x is for Xanadu
y is for Yemen
z is for Zambia

Printed letters of the alphabet come in different styles or designs. Each style is called a "font". This page shows all 26 characters, as small and large letters, in 5 different styles. Each column displays a different font style, in this order:

  1. Serif - with serifs, or little projections, at the end of most strokes (this font is "Times New Roman")
  2. Fixed-width - like old typewriter lettering - each letter is about the same width ("Courier New")
  3. Sans-serif - with no serifs ("Arial")
  4. Cursive - like handwriting ("Lucida Handwriting")
  5. Fantasy - fancy, artistic ("Curlz MT")

See same chart split up for easy printing: A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z


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