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The Ghosts - video animation by Anthony Essberger
Ghosts video: animation by Anthony Essberger based on Lord Dunsany's short story The Ghosts. With subtitles & classroom materials (5:11)

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Planet Mercury Quiz : You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests some of the material covered on the Planet Mercury page in our Vocabulary section.

Posters : At the Restaurant, At the Party, At the Gym

Listen&Learn: History of Writing : Learn how ancient cultures invented written communication

Word in the News: EXTRADITION : This week the word EXTRADITION is in all the newspapers as the American government tries to get their hands on the world's greatest journalist Julian Assange

For teachers: Homework: Law Vocab : jury, barrister, sentence, sue, attorney...

The 7 Most Popular Search Engines, Their Pros And Cons, And Ownership Influence : Let's delve into the seven most popular search engines, examining their pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages), and how their ownership might affect the results they deliver.

Listen&Learn: Charles Dickens : Learn about one of the most popular novelists in history

For teachers: Homework: Money Vocabulary : invest, hard currency, transaction, banknote, cashier...

Listen&Learn: I, Robot : Learn about Isaac Asimov's classic stories of artificial intelligence

How to Use Whereas, While and Whilst : Using where, while and whilst tips, including similarities and differences between them, and contrasts to similar linking words

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