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This Week in History πŸ”Š

This Week in History

1924: The First Flight Around The World
2 US planes, The Chicago and The New Orleans, complete the first flight around the world.

New on EnglishClub

12 fun agreeing and disagreeing activities Stimulating presentation and practice activities of phrases for strong and weak agreement and disagreement

Expressions Quiz: Intelligence This quiz tests comprehension of common English expressions used when talking about how intelligent people are.
Expressions Quiz: Intelligence

For Teachers: Zero Conditional Activity Sheet The exercises in this activity sheet enable students to practise the Zero Conditional in a fun and varied way, both alone and with a partner.

Listen&Learn: The Future Library Learn about the stories written for people 100 years from now.

Expressions Quiz: Thinking You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests comprehension of common English expressions used when talking about Thinking.
Expressions Quiz: Thinking

Listen&Learn: The Periodic Table Learn about the system scientists use to organize chemical elements

Listen&Learn: History of the United Nations Learn about the founding of the global organization.

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How to teach with EnglishClub
ESL or EFL? What do ESL and EFL mean? ESL stands for English as a Second Language. EFL stands for English as a Foreign Language. ESL is used when people learn English in an English speaking country. EFL is used when people learn English in a non-English speaking country. Is this important? Not very, if you are a learner. But there are some important technical considerations for teachers.