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The Ghosts - video animation by Anthony Essberger
Ghosts video: animation by Anthony Essberger based on Lord Dunsany's short story The Ghosts. With subtitles & classroom materials (5:11)

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Listen&Learn: Gulliver’s Travels : Learn about Jonathan Swift's famous satire of humanity

For teachers: Homework: Numbers Vocab : plus, subtract, kilo, zero, billion...

Compound Sentence Examples : Examples showing compound sentences and coordinating conjunctions or semicolons in context, as well as compound sentences with conjunctive adverbs and others used in famous quotations and sayings

Listen&Learn: The Story of CAPTCHA : Learn how CAPTCHAs do more than catch robots

For teachers: Homework: Negotiation Vocab : haggle, dispute, deadlock, compromise, low-ball...

For teachers: Homework: Marketing Vocab : brand, trademark, launch, product, digital marketing...

How to Interrupt Politely : How to smoothly and gently get the chance to speak, including the most useful and politest interrupting phrases and tactics.

How to Make English Plurals : How to form regular English plural nouns with -s, -es, etc, how to find patterns in irregular plurals like “children” and “lives”, and more difficult kinds such as plurals of Latin words

Listen&Learn: The Solar Corona : Learn about the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

Listen&Learn: The Ides of March : Learn about the day of Julius Caesar's assassination.

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