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Answers to your 7 Secrets Test

These are the answers to your test. Did you get them all right?

1 Do you like coffee? do you LIKE COFFEE
2 Would you like a coffee? would you LIKE a COFFEE
3 I think he wants to go. i THINK that he WANTS to GO
4 I don't think so. i DON'T THINK so
5 London is the capital of Britain. LONDON is the CAPITAL of BRITAIN
6 Have you ever seen this film? have you EVER SEEN this FILM
7 Where can we go? WHERE can we GO

More about sentence stress here.

7 Secrets for ESL Learners

left quote I am so thankful for what you have sent me,
the seven secrets were really golddust.
  Mara France Garcia
Buenos Aires-Argentina

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