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General Questions

What is EnglishClub and who is it for?
EnglishClub is for anyone learning or teaching English. It is a site where learners come to improve their English through online lessons, quizzes, games, forums, blogs, videos, photos etc. Many teachers use it as a resource for lesson plans and jobs. We have members from almost every country in the world. Many language schools and universities around the world link to EnglishClub for its solid content. EnglishClub is designed for the learning of English as a second language, so most of our student visitors are non-native speakers, whereas our teacher visitors may be native or non-native speakers.

Is EnglishClub free of charge?
Yes, access to all parts of EnglishClub is free, thanks mainly to our advertisers and sponsors.

Who started and/or owns EnglishClub?
EnglishClub was founded and is owned by London-born Josef Essberger, who has taught English in Europe and Asia. He founded EnglishClub for ESL learners and teachers in 1997, and the following year founded Teflnet, a site for English teachers.

When did EnglishClub start?
EnglishClub was founded on 7th July 1997, making it one of the earliest English-learning sites on the Internet.

Where does EnglishClub come from?
EnglishClub is a British site based in Cambridge, England.

Does EnglishClub use British or American English?
As a British site based in Cambridge, England, EnglishClub is written mainly in British English. But we have pages about other varieties of English such as American or Canadian. Don't be surprised if you see a word that you think is wrongly spelled. Some words are spelled differently in British English and American English. "Colour", for example, is British English. In American English it is "color". We try to make this clear when it is important.

What's your policy on spam?
We don't like it! And we don't tolerate it. For example, we send the EnglishClub ESL Progress newsletter only to people who have joined EnglishClub. And we make it easy for you to unsubscribe too.

Does EnglishClub keep my email address private?
We have a very strict policy on privacy on the Internet. In plain English, that means we don't give or sell or rent your name or email address to anybody without your specific permission (though we might reveal it if required to do so by the police or other government agency in the event of a criminal investigation). For full details, please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I contact EnglishClub?
You can contact EnglishClub easily. Please click the contact link at the bottom of any page for details.

Can I join EnglishClub? If so, how?
Yes! Please click here to join EnglishClub. For details about membership see our MyEnglishClub Guide.

Can I subscribe to an EnglishClub newsletter?
When you join EnglishClub, you will receive our free monthly email newsletter, ESL Progress.

Can I submit an article?
We welcome articles for possible publication on EnglishClub. You can submit an article here.

What are the 7 Secrets and how do I get them?
7 Secrets for ESL Learners comes to you by email. You receive one secret a day for one week. In the first week you will learn seven of the best ways to improve your English fast. After that you receive weekly tips on learning English, always around the number 7, for example, "The 7 Colours of the Rainbow" or "7 Ways to Say OUGH". You'll receive these emails for one year. Subscribe to 7 Secrets here


How to use EnglishClub for Learners

How can I use EnglishClub to improve my English?
EnglishClub has many pages designed to help you improve your English. EnglishClub is like a Self Access Centre - it lets you work in your own way and at your own time. You can choose the method that you like best. If you like to "study", you can look at the lessons in areas like Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation, or the four skills, Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. If you prefer a "fun" method, you can try areas such as Games, Quizzes and Jokes. For a really "interactive" approach, try communicating in English through the Forums, Chat Room or MyEnglishClub. You can also post a question about English at the Grammar Help Desk.

Does EnglishClub offer language courses?
EnglishClub is an ESL resource site, with many pages and lessons that can help you improve your English. But these are not "language courses" as such. If you are looking for a language course at a school, or perhaps online, you could check our English schools directory.

I have a question about grammar. Can you help me?
You can ask a grammar question on our Grammar Help Desk.

How can I listen to English with EnglishClub?
You can find several listening resources in English Listening.

How can I chat in English?
You can chat in English night or day in one of the EnglishClub Chat Rooms.

I want to find a pen pal to exchange emails in English.
You'll find plenty of other learners and teachers who want to hear from you in MyEnglishClub.

Where can I discuss things in English?
You can discuss anything you want in English in EnglishClub's ESL Forums or in MyEnglishClub.

I don't know my level in English. Can you tell me?
You can get a good idea of your level in English by doing the written comprehension test.

I need help with pronunciation.
You can find some good pages about pronunciation here, including word stress, sentence stress and linking.

I'd like to play some games to improve my English.
Games are an excellent way to make progress in English. Look for games in EnglishClub ESL Games.

Can I do some ESL quizzes for fun?
Certainly! Check out EnglishClub ESL Quizzes for plenty of interactive quizzes.

Can EnglishClub help me find a school?
If you're looking for a school almost anywhere in the world, try looking in our English schools directory.


How to use EnglishClub for Teachers

May I copy and use any material that I find on EnglishClub?
You may print and distribute any material that you find on EnglishClub for non-commercial educational purposes provided that you do not modify its content and provided that you mention EnglishClub.com as the source.

Can EnglishClub help me find a job?
Yes. We have a section for teaching jobs.

I need some ideas for lesson plans urgently.
You can find many ideas for lessons, including games, activities and worksheets, graded by level, in our Teach English pages.

I'd like to set up a chat session with a teacher and students from another school.
Good idea! You can run chat sessions in the ESL Chat Room. But first, you probably want to contact other teachers, maybe in another country, who want to do the same. You will need to synchronize your chat session so that both schools log on at the same time. You can find other teachers to do this here.

I'd like to find pen pals for my students.
Another excellent idea. You can find other teachers looking for exchange pen pals here.

I'd like to discuss some teaching issues with other teachers.
Check out the Teacher Forums, where you can read and write messages.

How do I submit a lesson plan?
If you have a good lesson plan that you'd like to share with other teachers, please submit it here.

I want to learn more about TEFL qualifications.
You'll find details about various TEFL courses and qualifications under Teacher Qualifications.


How to use EnglishClub for Schools

Can EnglishClub help us find students?
Yes. You can add a free listing in our English schools directory.

Can EnglishClub help us find teachers?
Yes. We have an ESL Jobs section for this.

Can we link our Self Access Centre to EnglishClub?
Yes. Many schools and universities build links to EnglishClub into their courses and learning resources. You can link from your own intranet or web site direct to any pages you wish. For example, you could link to English Grammar as a general link, or to English Verb Tenses as a more specific link, or to Present Perfect Tense as a very specific link.



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