FAQ for Teachers

May I copy and use any material that I find on EnglishClub?
You may print and distribute any material that you find on EnglishClub for non-commercial educational purposes provided that you do not modify its content and provided that you mention EnglishClub.com as the source.

Can EnglishClub help me find a job?
Yes. We have a section for English teaching jobs.

I need some ideas for lesson plans urgently.
You can find many ideas for lessons, including games, activities and worksheets, graded by level, in our Teach English pages. But don't forget that there are also hundreds of resources that you can use or adapt in our Learn English section.

I'd like to set up a chat session with a teacher and students from another school.
Good idea! You can run chat sessions from the ESL Chat page. But first, you probably want to contact other teachers, maybe in another country, who want to do the same. You will need to synchronize your chat session so that both schools log on at the same time. You can find other teachers in our School Projects forum.

I'd like to find pen pals for my students.
Another excellent idea. You can find other teachers looking for exchange pen pals in our School Projects forum.

I'd like to discuss some teaching issues with other teachers.
Check out the Teacher Forums, where you can read and write posts on a variety of teaching topics.

How do I submit a lesson plan?
If you have a good lesson plan that you'd like to share with other teachers, please submit it here.

I want to learn more about TEFL qualifications.
You'll find details about various TEFL courses and qualifications under TEFL Training.