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EnglishClub comes to you from England. It is written mainly in British English. But we have pages about other varieties of English such as American or Canadian. Don't be surprised if you see a word that you think is wrongly spelled! Some words are spelled differently in British English and American English. "Colour", for example, is British English. In American English it is "color". We try to make this clear when it is important.

EnglishClub is free. And EnglishClub is totally independent - unaffiliated to any other language organisation.

Joe EssbergerEnglishClub is your club. Please feel free to use it in any way you wish to learn English.

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Joe Essberger
Cambridge, England

Josef founded EnglishClub for learners and teachers of English in 1997, having taught English in Europe and Asia since 1991. He is the author of several short stories and books, including English Prepositions List, Learn English in 7 and Essential Business Words, and the founder of Teflnet for teachers of English.

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