Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi

If something moves me, I am inspired

Singer songwriter Jonathan TaylorJonathan is a British singer-songwriter who contributes songs for learning English to EnglishClub. Most of his language-learning songs are originals, about grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Most of Jonathan's EnglishClub songs are available (with subtitles) on the EnglishClub YouTube channel and (with lyrics) on EnglishClub Podcasts. Be sure to check out Jonathan's Be Verb Rock Star Song!

Photo: Mike Green

In the short, subtitled video below, Jonathan takes EnglishClub members behind the scenes in his recording studio. This video includes a brief medley of Jonathan's EnglishClub songs and provides useful vocabulary related to making music.

Currently living in rural Bulgaria, Jonathan has a background in music and radio. His personal music comes from the heart, and he explores themes such as love, war, tragedy and social injustice. His lyrics often carry messages about tragic events from history: "If something moves me, I am inspired."

Besides being a songwriter and musician, Jonathan is an English language teacher, author and political activist. His music and radio interviews are available on YouTube. You may also be interested in Jonathan's interview with EnglishClub on living with dyslexia.

Jonathan Taylor - Forget Your Past
Photo: Nicola Miller Photography

Find out more about Jonathan on his Facebook page.