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English for Babies: Colours

Note to parents: Learn English with your baby. All underlined words are explained in Wordchecker below.

Read and Listen: New Words

red, yellow, green, blue, purple

  1. red
  2. yellow
  3. green
  4. blue
  5. purple

On my lap

  1. Put the baby on your lap.
  2. Listen to the new words.
  3. Point at the picture on the screen.
  4. Repeat using your voice.
  5. Ask your baby to point to a colour as you say it.
  6. Ask your baby a question:
    Where's blue?
    Where's red?

  7. Tell the baby the answer:
    There's blue.
    There's red.

  8. Show excitement when he points.
    Clap your hands and say:
    That's right, green!
    You found green!
    Good job!
Pronunciation Tip: Many kids have difficulty saying the word "yellow". They often use an "l" sound at the beginning because it is easier to say that way. Young children find it easier to say short words that start with "y" such as "ya" or "yes". Practise the y sound by saying "ya ya ya yeeeellow."

Song, Rhyme or Story time

For this story you will need five crayons (red, yellow, green, blue, and purple) and a white piece of paper. As you tell the story, draw a rainbow.

Joey's Rainbow

Note: Change the word Joey to your baby's name. For a girl use she and her instead of he and his.

Once there was a baby named Joey (insert your baby's name).
On Sunday, Joey found some colourful sticks. He picked them up and put them in his pocket.

On Monday, Joey took out the first stick. It was red."I love red,"Joey said. And he drew a red line. (Start rainbow).

On Tuesday, Joey took out the second stick. It was yellow. "I love yellow," Joey said. And he drew a yellow line.

On Wednesday, Joey took out the third stick. It was green. "I love green," Joey said. And he drew a green line.

On Thursday, Joey took out the fourth stick. It was blue. "I love blue," Joey, said. And he drew a blue line.

On Friday, Joey took out the last stick. It was purple."I love purple," Joey said. And he drew a purple line.(Finish rainbow).

On Saturday, Joey showed his picture to Mama. "Joey," Mama said, "What a beautiful rainbow!"

I'm a Learning Rainbow

red, yellow, green, blue, purple

(Sing to traditional "I'm a Little Teapot" tune.)

I'm a Learning Rainbow
in the sky.
With so many colours
for you to try.
Start with red and yellow
then green and blue.
I bet you can say purple too.


Use this activity when your baby is fussy or wants to be held, but doesn't want to nurse or sleep. It's a good activity for a teething baby, or a baby who won't relax for a nap.

Let's take a Walk

"Let's take a walk, take a walk, take a walk, and see what colours we see.
Let's take a walk, take a walk, take a walk and try to find something blue." (Choose one colour)

I see a blue ball. (point)
I see a blue shirt. (point)
I see a blue wall. (point)
I see a blue teddy. (point)

Adaptation: Look for blue things that you can collect and put in a basket as you walk. If you find something blue, but don't know the English word, look it up in your dictionary. Write new words on your fridge.

Colourful Feet

Babies love their feet. They love their parents' and siblings' feet too. Choose colourful socks for all of the family members.

  1. Point to your baby's socks often.
  2. Say: "Red socks. Joey has red socks."
  3. Compare the baby's socks with your socks: "Red socks. Blue socks. Joey's socks are red. Daddy's socks are blue."
  4. Ask, "What colour are Mommy's socks?"
  5. Let your baby play with all of the socks while you fold the laundry. Point out the colours when you put them in pairs.
rainbow: a colourful curve that appears in the sky after a rainstorm
pocket: a small storage place (usually in a pair of pants or a shirt)
beautiful: very nice to look at
fussy: crying or unhappy
nurse: drink milk from a mother's body
relax: rest
collect: bring many items into one group
compare: describe the differences between two or more things
laundry: clean clothes
pairs: groups of two