MyEC Milestone ~ 100,000 Members

100,000 membersMyEnglishClub welcomed its 100,000th member today! Marco joined us from Italy. He is an intermediate English learner who likes Guns N’ Roses. His favourite English saying is Take it easy. If you are already a member, please leave a welcome message on Marco’s wall. If you’re not a member, join MyEC on this historic day in EnglishClub history.

It took five years for MyEC to reach this milestone. During this time, English learners and teachers have posted thousands of photos, videos, blog posts and discussion topics. This content allows our members to learn and teach English in interesting ways. Here are some of the most popular posts and uploads to date.

Blog Post: How many expressions can you find?

Forum Discussion: O.M.G

Photo: My Hot Hand-made Sweet (recipe here)

Video: Speak English Ten Times Better by Moving your Tongue and Lips

There is a party going on over on Gabriel’s blog. Let’s celebrate!

  • Yemane Gebreselase. says:

    I want to say thank you .because Englishclub is very good for ELC students. I’m learning from Englishclub and I’ m impruving my English skills. Thanks.

  • chandan says:

    I am chandan kumar. Iam very happy joining with englishclub . And i says thanks.

  • Jemal Kelifa Ahmed says:

    Jemal Kelifa Ahmed welcome all members of English Club from Sudan.

  • RA MESH says:

    thanks to EC for learning and improvement my english level

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