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EnglishClub is 15

EnglishClub 15th Anniversary : 1997-2012This year, 2012, sees EnglishClub’s 15th anniversary. With support and encouragement from members and visitors worldwide, EnglishClub has matured into one of the longest standing, most dependable resource sites for English learners and teachers on the web. Since our 10th anniversary on 07/07/07, we’ve added the very popular My.EnglishClub social network hosting our members’ pages, blogs, photos, videos, music, discussions and chat; and it’s been exciting to see the highly original and interactive content created by learners and teachers. We’ve also produced the Learning English Video Project, a major 7-part video series about English learners on five continents. We continue to innovate and add new content from lessons and quizzes to tips and games, and are committed to providing answers and ideas for everyone who comes to search our pages. One member recently summed up the EnglishClub experience with these kind words: “I can no longer differentiate between learning and having fun. Something that I can hardly find elsewhere!” EnglishClub has surpassed the original vision, and we have you to thank. How would you like to see EnglishClub evolve in the next five years?

  • Ravindra Bandla says:

    Best site to learn English

  • Robbie says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad to be a part of this fast-growing site. It’s been a great journey for me learning English while connecting with friends from around the globe. Thank you for this opportunity and I wish Englishclub will stay for many years.

    Happy Anniversary!


  • Bimal says:

    Yes, the English Club is a growing community! Still 15 years old! On the other hand, EC is a system with a common goal! The goal of EC is of two folds mainly, teaching English and learning English! There are teachers as well as experienced individuals to guide the learners like me within the system. Teachers, experienced individuals and learners are the components of the system! The system has a boundary, and there are inter-relationships among all components! Each and every component has a unique identity, but they all work together to achieve the common goal of EC. The system functions in a systematic manner to survive as a viable system among other systems! Like every system, the EC is dealt with the rest of the world through inputs and outputs! There are many websites in the internet for the interests of English language; I feel that EC is having a distinctive identity among them! Yes, the EC works closely with other sites as a humble friend for the improvement of English language! ‘’ The unity in diversity’’ should be the base in modern world! I think that the EC is a good practical example for it!

  • Batjargal says:

    Congratulations! I think English Club is best site for learning of English. I recognized through English club most helpful things for learning of English. Best wishes Batjargal

  • masoud says:

    i am 55 years old male, and am going to see a new world by learning your language.
    thanks mr ESSBERGER long live, you and EC

  • Robin says:

    Much appreicate Englishclub web site.
    It’s very important for english fans to learn english well.
    I really hope it run better and better.


  • Oriani says:

    I cannot describe with words how much important EC is for me. I have been here since 2005 when I first came being an English teacher trainee. I met several people who eventually became my friends. We still keep in touch and I am even travelling abroad to meet them personally.

    Yes, I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Thank you EC for being here for me.

    Oriana Díaz.


  • Lian Havro says:

    Congratulations! I joined this website a little over a month ago and I’ve started visiting everyday. It’s educational and very interesting!
    Long live English Club.

  • Zona Fetriza says:

    English Club, Congratulation, I joined with you a little over a month but I get more from here Thank so much!

  • vafaee says:

    hello cogratulations english club is an excellent learner for us we appreciate managers be successful

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